Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fall Semester 2011: Complete

Nerdy humor always makes
Microbiology labs that much more enjoyable
Read the title. Yup... the semester is over! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Over the top? Not at all. I'm so stoked for this semester to be over. Don't get me wrong, I had a ton of fun this semester, but it was very stressful as well. Although I was involved with a lot this semester, it was my class load that made it so stressful. Here's what it looked like.

Class schedule:
Biology 3300 (Microbiology) + Lab
Physics 2110 + Lab
Biology 3220 (Field Ecology)
Geology 1110 + Lab

Looks like a decent load to me. It was a handful, that's for sure! But, to survive the semester, I just had to dig in and make each day the best I could. And, now, at the end of finals week, I feel very accomplished. Although the semester was really hard, I did have a class that I loved. Field Ecology. As a biology major with an emphasis in ecology... I guess it would only be natural I would love that class. One big reason why? Here's what my classroom looked like each Wednesday that we would meet for class.

Logan Canyon... welcome to my classroom.

Yup, no whiteboards, desks, etc. Just Logan Canyon. That's where we went each and every week for my class (until the snow started to fall). That class really was my saving grace. Made me want to pursue ecology in graduate school even more. Pretty rad.

But, really, this semester had a lot of great things happen in it. Everything from meeting new people, becoming more involved at the university, and experiencing new things. Although it's been a hard semester, it's been a fulfilling one. I'm glad that I was able to face the challenges that I did. They not only have made me a better student, but a stronger person as well (that's what 10+ hours of studying before an exam will do to you! Haha).

Looking forward, however, I'm incredibly excited for the break and for next semester. I have some great plans for the break, and a great class schedule for Spring Semester. Really excited.

Overall, from the good and the bad from this semester, I still believe that the life of an Aggie (#aggielife as it's called on Twitter) is the best life to live. Nothing beats waking up and walking up Old Main hill to go to class, or heading over to the Spectrum for a basketball game, or attending the HOWL, or meeting new friends in your classes, or spending entire days in the library, or anything else that happens while at USU. Nothing beats it. Nothing.

Well, time for me to hit the hay, get some sleep, and start my break fresh and new.

Don't forget to bust out your ugly sweaters during the break. Tis the season. Merry Christmas, folks.

Me, Keenan, and Alan.
Looking festive as ever last year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Too Legit

So, everyone knows that the USU student section is legit. Too legit to quit. So legit that ESPN recently ranked us the 2nd best student section in the nation, just behind Duke. And sometimes, when your legit-ness gets so legit, the President of the university decides he wants to show that he is behind you 100%. How does he do that? By doing the "I Believe" chant with all the students before a home basketball game. Even better, he stayed and cheered with us on the front row for the entire first half. Yeah, President Albrecht is the man. And he, too, is too legit to quit.


 Go Aggies.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Man... feels like it's been a while since I've posted. Actually, it kind of have. And there's so much to write about! But, I'll contain myself.

Today starts one of the greatest times of the year! 31 days of it, actually. I'm talking about December. Yeah, the month. It's my favorite! I love the snow, cold nights, Christmas, and just the overall feeling of the month. It's a time when people are generally happier... at least I am.

Well, there's only two more weeks of classes. At first I thought this semester would never end, but now it feels like it's ending too soon. That's what a semester full of geology, microbiology, physics and ecology will do to you. It's been a rough semester, but it's been a great one at the same time. Just time for me to go into beastmode and finish this semester strong. Get my assignments in, ace my tests, and be able to enjoy the holidays.

One awesome thing to mention real quick... The Aggie Football team is going bowling! First time since 1997! It's been a long road... but we've finally made it. Coach Anderson has done some great things with this team. It's been a season full of up's and down's. But, we now are 6-5 on the season with one game left against New Mexico State. Regardless of the outcome of that game, we're going to be playing in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on December 17th. You better believe that hundreds of students, including myself, will be attending. And tickets are only $18! Can't wait to road trip up to Boise to cheer on my Aggies to a bowl victory.

Go Aggies!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Student Section Mercenaries

Alright, we all know I'm a die-hard Aggie fan. Through and through. That's a given. And I do everything I do for Aggie athletics voluntarily. I don't get paid. Nope, not a dime. Shoot, I put my own money into my love for Aggie sports (gas money, t-shirts, whiteboards and markers, etc). And from all the time I've put into my Aggie obsession, I've seen how much more publicity Utah State and our athletics, including our amazing student section, has gotten. ESPN is always commenting on our home court advantage, naming us the "best home court advantage in the West." Not too shabby. Well, to tie into my main point of this entry... something happened for me as a Utah State fan. Something I wouldn't have ever expect.

Yeah, I got paid to be a fan. Strangely enough, I wasn't paid to be an Aggie fan. I got paid to be a College of Southern Idaho Golden Eagles fan.


Yeah, you heard me right. But, I'll give you the condensed version.

So, back in March during the 2011 WAC tournament (which Utah State won), a representative from CSI was at the tournament. He saw our huge crowd (a couple hundred students drove from Logan to Las Vegas to cheer on our Aggies), and basically asked some of us front-row-ers if we would be willing to come up to CSI and help out their student section. Well, we obviously accepted. And so this last weekend, I drove up to CSI in Twin Falls, ID with eleven of my friends to teach their students how to have a good crowd. What made this even better? They paid for everything. Gas, hotel, food, etc. It was awesome! Thing is, too, that CSI isn't bad at all at basketball. They were the national champions for Div-1 Junior College ball last year. Not too shabby.
The Aggie mercenaries at College of Southern Idaho
(plus the random CSI cheerleader in the bottom right)

So, to sum things up... my friends and I were mercenaries for Utah State athletics and represented our school and our student section to the fullest. Ever heard of a school hiring other students to cheer for them? Well, now you have.

Go Aggies! (And go Golden Eagles, too, haha!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So last week was insane. Absolutely insane. Not only did I have two exams and two assignments to turn in... I did this while camping each night.

But, no, I wasn't camping out in the woods. I was camping on campus.

For real? Yes, for real.

Alright, let me explain. So, the first game of the season for our basketball team was against BYU. Last year we played the Y down in Provo and lost by 6 points in a crazy game that went down to the wire. The year before that, BYU came up to Logan and Utah State won by 10. That year, the line for the game was over a quarter mile long. Over 2,000 people ended up getting turned away because the student section in the Spectrum was full. Let's just say, it was intense.

Because of all of the problems with people cutting in line two years ago, which ended up with all those people who waited for hours in line getting turned away, the leaders of the HURD came up with an event to get everyone excited for the game and to keep things fair.

That event was called #OccupyTheSpectrum.

View of #OccupyTheSpectrum from on top of the Spectrum
So, on Tuesday of last week around 1:00pm, I pitched my tent with my good friend Jake Frisby. Yeah, that's 78 hours before tip-off. WHAT! Crazy, I know. But, by the next day, over 260 tents were pitched, and over 1,400 students were signed up to wait in line and camp out. It was absolute madness. There were tents as far as the eye could see stretched out across the HPER field. The hardcore Aggie fans literally took over campus.

And yes, it was definitely worth it.

The day of the game, everyone packed up their stuff and got in line. When 5:30pm rolled around, thousands of students packed into the Spectrum in a matter of minutes. When there was 30 seconds before the game started...this happened (watch the video, I'm in the grey hat on the front row).

Pretty epic, huh?

As for the rest of the game? Yeah, we won. Beat the Cougars 69-62. It was a way intense game that went back and forth. The Spectrum got incredibly loud. Loud enough that parents were covering their kid's ears, or plugging their ears themselves. Let's just say that my ears rang for a few days.

With this win, the Aggies now have a 32-game home win streak. The 3rd longest in the nation (only behind Duke and Kentucky). I'm incredibly stoked for the rest of this season. It's going to be interesting with all the new players, but I think we are going to be just fine.

Tomorrow we play down at Weber State in Ogden. Aggie fans are going to take over their arena, just like we do every time we play down there. We call this mass movement of Aggie fans "The Spectrum on Wheels." It's legit.

Well, time to get my homework done so I can travel to Ogden tomorrow to cheer on my Aggies.

Go, Aggies!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Alright, what's up everyone. Man, school has been crazy for me so far. So many assignments and things to do! This last week I had three exams: Biology 3300 (microbiology), microbiology lab, and Geology 1110. Let's just say... I was pretty dead by the end of the weak. And let's also say, that my motivation and endurance was completely gone. By the time the weekend came around, I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up.

During the weekend, I was able to spend some good quality time with some of my closest friends. As the weekend went on, I noticed how much happier I was than during the few days before. My friends were exactly that pick-me-up I needed.

Then I started thinking... almost all my closest friends I have in my life right now are people I met at Utah State. I really don't hang out with people from my high school anymore. Well, I mean, I do live with two people I graduated with, but that's pretty rare. I remember back during my freshman year when most of the people I hung out with were people I graduated from Viewmont High with (class of 2009...Go Vikings!). But, even during that year, by the time Spring Semester came around, the people I hung out with were new people I had met in my classes and such.

And as I kept thinking about all the people I've met at Utah State, I began to really realize how big of an impact these people have on me. My friends at Utah State come from all over the world, from different backgrounds, and each have their own story to tell. It's amazing how much I've learned from having met all these different people. They've taught me about the world, about different cultures, about different trials in our lives, about all the good times they've had, and all the bad times. In the end, they have shaped me into the person I am today.

Of course, classes can teach you a lot. Sure. You can grow and expand your mind within a classroom and by studying for your classes. These are great for your careers and future endeavors. But, as I'm now almost halfway through my third year at Utah State, I've learned that the people I've met and the things I've experienced with them, have taught me so much more than any course could ever dream of teaching me.

Hopefully this post wasn't too sappy... if so, oh well. For those of you preparing to come to Utah State, prepare to meet so many people your heads will spin. When you're up here in Logan, focus on your studies, but give special attention to your friends and the new people in your life. I promise, a new friendship outweighs an A on an exam any day.

Until next time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Section F, Row 1, Seat 8... my home away from home.
Alright everyone... I can't keep it in anymore... it's finally here, the best time of the year. No, I'm not talking about December or the Holidays...I'm talking about


That's right! One of the greatest things at Utah State is finally in full swing.

Last Friday we had our first exhibition game. We played against UC San Diego for our team's first chance to play against another team. No one really knew how we would do because of us having so many new players on the team (and not to mention having six seniors graduate last year, which included the "WAC Player of the Year" Tai Wesley).

I knew that most of us were hopeful. From the looks of it, the coaches had recruited a lot of solid players with lots of individual talent. None of us, however, knew how they would play as a team.

As the game started and began to unfold, I was stunned at how well we played! Our new players, along with two seniors and returning red shirts, played much better than I thought they would for their first game. And with the Aggies winning with a score of 74-42...I was content.

To make this all better, the student section was insane. Usually for an exhibition game, only a few hundred students show up. However, this game we were only a few hundred short of being full! And to put this into perspective for anyone who hasn't been inside the Spectrum before... our student section is just about 4,000 students big. The entire Spectrum holds 10,270 people. So, for us to have around 3,700 students show up for the first game? It was awesome. It felt good to do our cheers again and show the new players on our team that we have their back from beginning to end. After reading some of the tweets from our new players, they are instantly in love with playing in the Spectrum and all agree that Utah State has the best student section in the nation! And I agree with that 100%.

It's going to be an interesting season. I just hope our team can do well and continue the dominance that is Aggie Basketball. We have a lot to live up to, I mean, we have been the WAC Champs four years in a row now...

Anyone ever heard of a five-peat?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Poems for USU

Hey everyone! So, us in the MyFriends program talked about it, and we thought it would be a great idea to write poetry for this week's blogs. We all knew that we could talk forever about Utah State and how great it is, but we wanted to up the ante and express our love for this university through the power of poetry. So, here we go.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm an Aggie,
And you should be too

Okay, I'm kidding. That's not really my poem. (I thought it was a decent though). I really love haikus, so I'll give that a shot.

This place is awesome
It really gets super cold
But I love it so

That one wasn't very good either. Let's try again. Since Aggie basketball starts this Wednesday, I'll theme my haiku around that.

Aggie basketball
We never get beat at home
Coach Morrill is boss

The Spectrum gets loud
I mean, really crazy loud
Cover your kid's ears

Cheer on your Aggies
"I Believe that we will win"
We're the winning team!

Well, there you have it. Some poems about Utah State! My creative stamina is drained. Good thing I'm not an English major. I'd be in serious trouble.

Anyways, I'm out.
Drugs are bad. Stay in school.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall...leaving so soon?

What do you know. It's only October 6th, and there is already snow up in the mountains. We had a thunderstorm come through the valley a few days ago, but today the temperature dropped and we got some snow in the mountains. Most people around Utah State's campus were furious at the site of this. However, for me, I was thrilled. I love snow! I love Winter! Although Fall is my favorite season, we don't get much of a Fall in Logan. Which is too bad, because Fall is when Logan Canyon turns into the most beautiful site in the world. If you haven't ever driven through Logan Canyon during the Fall, your life is not complete. Not even close. It's that amazing.

Okay, I was being a little intense right there. But you get my point.

I'm sad to see Fall leave so quickly, but it's all good. The end of Fall means that really awesome things are on the way. A few of these things are snowboarding, sledding down Old Main Hill, bracing the canyon winds as you walk to early-morning classes, watching people slip on campus, and the beginning of Aggie Basketball. I would love to talk about Aggie Basketball right now, but I'm going to wait. Can't get too excited about it yet. Even though the season starts in just about three weeks. WHAAAAAAAAT! Yeah, you heard me right. Three weeks. But, I'll compose myself until then. Hopefully.

Well, I'm out. PEACE!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aggie Pride

What's up everyone. So, this weekend we had another heartbreaking loss in football. On Friday night we had the in-state rival game against BYU down in Provo. At first, the game was going awesome. We had an 80-yard touchdown run on the FIRST play of the game (which got our own Robert Turbin on ESPN's Top-10 that night)! As the game went on, we were always in the lead. Our crowd was going nuts and showing the Cougars what a REAL crowd looks like (in their own stadium, no less). All-in-all, it was looking like a solid victory for the Aggies. But, like it has happened twice before this season, once against Auburn and again versus Colorado State... we lost in the final seconds of the game. BYU had two lucky plays that put them ahead 27-24 with 0:11 left on the clock. We lost. I was devastated. Instead of resulting to my usual screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs in frustration, I just sunk. I sat on my bench, staring at the ground, for a good 10 minutes. I didn't move or talk to anyone as the stadium cleared out. My heart was completely ripped in half, for the third time this season. But, as my friend Jake and I walked to our car and began to drive home, I couldn't help but feel as if we had still won. I don't say this in the sense of someone with denial. But, I realized that what Utah State has over other schools allows us to win, no matter what. And what that is, is Aggie Pride. Now, yes, I know students at other schools in Utah and around the country all have immense pride for their schools. Of course. But, Utah State has something different. To best illustrate my point, read this next article. Written by my good friend Matt Sonnenburg, a recent graduate and hardcore Aggie fan who is a True-Blooded Aggie to his core. What he wrote couldn't have been written any better.

1. Nobody said it would be easy

All of us who truly live and die by our Aggies know exactly what each other are feeling right now. The wonderings of "what if" and "so close" are inescapable. We know what it feels like to beat BYU after 2010, but to do it a second time and in their house would have been something truly incredible. Now at 1-3, we've had our hearts ripped out three times this season, in something that seems to be nothing but consistent with the past of Aggie football that we've come to know.

But this feels different. This year isn't like others. This time around, we all seem to know that we've got what it takes to make it back to a bowl game. Not only that, but for one's heart to be ripped out, one's heart has to have attached emotion to something. We've obviously attached ourselves to this team because we believe in it. Not only do we believe in it, but we love it. We seem to love their mentality, their excitement and maybe most of all, them.

Robert Turbin's name has already been nearly a thing of legend at USU the past few years. Bobby Wagner could just as easily have a four-letter word with an "ing" at the end for his middle name. Same for Kyle Gallagher. Kerwynn Williams is lightning in a bottle, and we know that anytime the ball makes it into his hands, something big could happen. And Chuckie Keeton, well... Who didn't fall in love with him from day one? There are things to love about every player on this team, and it seems like everybody can see it.

Call it love, call it dedication, or call it insanity... To me, all three can be summed up into two simple words: Aggie pride.

2. How this brings all of us together.

Utah State is different from the other schools in Utah. At USU, people come from all over to put their previous lives behind them and start anew in a small college town that, upon first glance, doesn't seem to have much to do. So we lean on each other. We make new friends and we find new things we enjoy. People with varying interests who might have otherwise never even associated with one another somehow become inseparable in Logan. Things you never thought you would even care about become things you love, and maybe most of all, Logan, along with all its culture and mentality, becomes a part of you.

We come to Utah State and in turn, we all come together. And even when we're gone, or when we leave town just temporarily, it's like a part of us is still left behind. But when we're all together, in a town and at a school that brought people together in ways you haven't seen before in your life, we have our Aggies. They are ours, and few people can say that. We know that we're third fiddle in this state and that we have to fight that much harder for every win and every ounce of respect, and that fight brings us even closer than anything else.

3. The lowest of lows

We know heartbreak. We know heartbreak way too well. We've felt it time and time again over the years and already this season. We felt the excitement of being the biggest story in the country against Auburn, only to have things ripped away from us at the end. We saw the meltdown versus Colorado State and were left only to wonder why and how that could have happened. Then, tonight we saw what once looked to be nearly a sure win against BYU slip away by the hand of a pair of miracle plays on their part.

But it goes beyond that. We've seen it in basketball too. When we joined the WAC for the 2005-06 school year, we took a top 25 Nevada team to overtime on their home court in the WAC championship game, only to let that win slip away at the end. The next year, we beat No. 10 ranked Nevada in the semifinals, only to miss a potential game-tying 3-pointer at the buzzer to lose the championship yet again. Then, the following year, after winning our first regular season WAC championship, we got beat in the semifinals, failing to even reach the championship game for the first time.

There have been a lot of rough finishes, long and miserable drives home and what has seemed like some horrible strings of bad luck.

4. The highest of highs

Because of that bad luck, and because of us knowing how bad it sucks to lose, that is what makes winning so special. That trial we went through is what gives us the sense of feeling that we've finally done it, and seeing the players, coaches and often times close friends of ours succeed on the field or the court is what makes something so gratifying.

In 2009, when USU fans took over Reno for the WAC Tournament, just about anyone there will tell you that was one of the best three-day stretches of their life, because for that weekend, things finally went our way. Even when we seemed on the verge of heartbreak yet again, Tyler Newbold played the role of Superman, giving us one of the most exciting moments I've ever witnessed to put us into the championship game where we went on to dominate Nevada on their home court. We had finally done it, and storming that court to celebrate with our team and all our friends is an experience that words can't describe. The only thing that can truly convey how good it felt was to have been there, bleeding Aggie blue, and having agonized and dealt with tough losses before it.

Then, in 2010, despite injuries to seemingly everybody on the football team, we tasted greatness yet again. Just one year ago, we got to experience what generations of USU students never gotten to experience. We had the entire country watching us celebrate that moment. We had the rest of the State of Utah backing us. And most of all, we had each other, knowing full-well what we'd been through in the past, now with agony turning to bliss when those final seconds ticked away and 31-16 became a number of infamy.

Would that have all had the same thrill were it not for the heartbreak and agony followed us down the road to get there? Of course not. That is why nights like tonight are important to remember, if for nothing else as the night that Utah State-BYU officially became a rivalry, no matter what anybody else says. They tried calling 2010 a fluke, but Aggie fans all knew better, and when they stormed their field for a win over us, at that point it was officially on. They fear us, as they damn well should.

5. How far we've come

The Utah State student section at the game in Provo tells it all. The excitement of Eric Moats' and Robert Turbin's touchdowns, and every clutch third-down conversion we made demonstrate the passion we have based on the yelling and jumping around that we were doing. On the flip side, the collective sadness and heartbreak we all felt at the end is also what tells the story. You could look to the person next to you and know that their pain was the same thing you were feeling. That unity is what defines Aggie Pride.

Whether you were a freshman in 2006 like me when we won just one game only to suffer through several more terrible years, or are brand new this year to Utah State, you've already felt the heartbreak that generations of USU fans know all too well. But that heartbreak is what makes things like a WAC Tournament championship or a win at home over BYU so special. Those lows and highs bring us all together in the same way, it's just the emotions that vary. The more bad that comes though, the more the good will be amplified. That is why it is important to remember this night and how you felt.

But things are on the rise. Anybody familiar with the program can see it. We've got superstars on this team who are going to carry us to new heights. The days of us routinely getting blown out wherever we play are gone. That 2006 season, we lost to BYU and Utah by a combined score of 86-0 in back-to-back games. Now BYU needs a miracle to beat us at home.

6. Love

It is so weird to be feeling this strongly about a team that just ripped my heart out for a third time in four games, but I have never loved my Utah State Aggies more. Football, basketball or hockey. I believe in this team so much, and I believe in this program and the direction it is going. I believe that decades of despair are ending right before our eyes and we're at one of the final trial before we ascend to a new level of football unseen by generations before us. We're where dedication is being challenged the most, and on the other side is the greatness that we've all battled through tough times to realize. Maybe it's that I believe that this is the group that will take us over that hump, but regardless of what it is, I love this football team.

We're not there yet, but neither is the end of the season, and with each loss comes a new lesson. With each loss, the thrill of victory will be that much sweeter. No matter what, do not give up now. Not when we're this close. Not when we're just a mistake or two per game away from greatness.

Stick with this team. Be a part of when things all went right for us finally. And when they do, all of these tough times will make it worth the ride.

Go Aggies.

So, really, at the end of the day, I'm proud to be an Aggie. In every sense of the word. Not just athletics, but in everything. Being an Aggie means more to me than just waking up and going to school, or putting on a USU shirt. It means being devoted and enveloped so much in my school, that I'm there for the highest of highs and the lowest of lows (even if it means I've shed a tear or two from a loss).

To anyone who is considering attending Utah State, I encourage you to ask yourself, are you the kind of person who wants to just simply attend college? Or are you someone who wants to get so enveloped in your school, that it becomes your life. Where you will stand with your school come hell or high water. If you choose the latter, a True-Blooded Aggie is what you should be.

Hail the Utah Aggies!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming 2011

What's going on everyone!

Well, this week was Homecoming Week.

Every day this week there was something going on. Ranging from free food, different colleges showing off their students, alumni connecting with current students, Mr. USU pageant (which I got to represent the College of Science at, and our MrFriends buddy Kaho Fiefia won!), huge dances, football games, etc. But, something that went down this year was quite different. Utah State went big... I'm talking worldwide big. Yeah, we beat a world record this homecoming weekend. On Friday night, Utah State set the world record for the longest kissing chain. Just around 1,450 people lined up on The Quad and kissed down the line. The original world record was only about 400 people. So, basically, we destroyed it! Kind of a funny world record to break, but with the tradition like becoming a "True Aggie" (for those who don't know about that, you have to kiss someone who is a true Aggie at midnight on our block "A" under a full moon), breaking this world record only seemed logical. After breaking the world record, we had a huge true Aggie night (see picture above from last year). We had hundreds of students become true Aggies as the night went on. It was mayhem! Lets hope there isn't a mono outbreak because of this...

The next day we had the Homecoming parade down main street and then the football game. Even though we lost the game, I left this homecoming week loving this university even more. Utah State has such deep tradition and school pride that it's almost impossible not to catch Aggie Pride. Utah State is surrounded by a supportive community that really came together this week to support the Aggies. I'm excited for the rest of this year. From athletics to classes, and involvement to mass-kissing traditions, Utah State is the best school in the nation. And I don't care what anyone says otherwise!

Utah State, hey! Aggies all the way!
Go, Aggies! Go, Aggies!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greek Life

All the fellas after playing campus tennis ball golf.
Alright, I'm getting to this post a little late. I know. I'm sorry! This week, like last week, was pretty crazy. No, we didn't have any wild parties or a crazy-awesome football game (however, watching the University of Utah annihilate BYU was great), but this week was Rush Week for Utah State University. This week, all the fraternities and sororities on campus recruited new members. This meant that every day during the week, each organization had something going on to introduce people to their organization and brothers/sisters. I had the privilege this year of co-running Rush Week with my SigEp brother Erik Mikkelsen. We decided to co-run this week due to Erik being ASUSU President. So, you know, he's kiiiiind of busy.

My fraternity (Sigma Phi Epsilon) had a great time recruiting this week. Here's a list of what we did throughout the week.

Monday: All-Greek BBQ and house tours.
Tuesday: Campus tennis ball golf (post-round picture above)
Wednesday: BBQ and horseshoes at the house
Thursday: Dodge ball in the Field House
Friday: "Balanced Man" Banquet and a Burning Heart ceremony in Green Canyon

Overall, this week was amazing. We have around 25 new guys who will be joining SigEp on Monday. It was great to see how many people went Greek throughout all the houses. Each house had a lot of new members choose to join. Which is great to see considering the Greek community at USU sometimes gets looked at with less-than-positive views. But, I know from experience that going Greek is an excellent way to make your college experience a bajillion times better. Yes, a bajillion.

Well, that's all I got. Keep it real.

Go, Aggies!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a weekend!

What's going on everyone. Wow! Really, that's the best way to describe this weekend. A ton went down this weekend at Utah State. First off, on Friday, my fraternity (Sigma Phi Epsilon) threw a massive pool party. We had over 1,000 people attend throughout the night. It was insane. The dance floor was packed, people were diving into the pool like mad, and basically...the entire house was bumping til well past 1:00am. Also, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity also threw a huge party that same night right around the corner. Then on Saturday, the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity threw their famous toga party. Greek Row was killin' it this weekend!

To make the weekend even better, we had our first home football game on Saturday against in-state opponent Weber State University. After last week's heartbreaking loss to Auburn (losing 38-42 after leading by 10 points with three minutes left...yeah, it was a heartbreaker for all us Aggies), we definitely needed to let loose some harbored aggression and Aggie pride. And that's exactly what we did.

In the first half, the game was decently well-matched. Both teams headed for the locker rooms at halftime tied at 17-17. Once the second half started, that's when the Aggies went into beast mode and showed the Wildcats what the Aggies are made of this year.

L to R: CJ, myself, and Jake after the win over Weber State.
In the second half, the Aggies came out and changed the entire tempo of the game. In the 3rd quarter, the Aggies posted up 23 points on the Wildcats. Then in the 4th quarter, The Aggies stacked up two more touchdowns. In the entire second half, the Wildcats didn't score once. This left the final score at 54-17 with the Aggies accumulating a ridiculous 635 yards of offense. What started out as an even match, quickly turned into an absolute slaughter. And what does that do for us Aggie fans? Makes us grin from ear to ear.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh, what up FIRST WEEK!

Well, what do you know... summer is over. Seems like just yesterday I was running around the red rocks of Moab, hiking every other day in Logan Canyon, watching countless firework shows, and BBQ'ing for America.

But, now it's time for school. Time to hit my grind and bust out some grades. However... it's also time to start another great year! This year starts the beginning of my third year at Utah State. And I have to say, it honesty has been the BEST years of my life. Without a doubt.

When I came up to Utah State back in the fall of 2009, I never knew how much I would fall in love with this place. The people I've met, the things I've experienced, the classes I've taken, the trips I've ventured on, and the basketball players of rival teams I've screamed at in The Spectrum have all made Utah State not only just my university, but my life. Living in Logan and attending Utah State allows everyone the chance to catch Aggie Pride and become, literally, obsessed with this university. From classes, parties on campus, Greek life (fraternities/sororities), Aggie Ice Cream, True Aggie Nights, basketball games in The Spectrum, hiking in Logan Canyon, iceblocking down Old Main Hill, and so much more... Utah State can provide the best college experience in the country.

As I begin this year and document my experiences as a third-year Aggie through this blog and also with my videos through the USU MyFriends program, I hope I can make this year the best one yet. So, those of you who are considering Utah State, keep checking in each week to read my blog, and the blogs of the other MyFriends peeps (TJ, Saddie, Kaho, and Lizzy). But, even if you're already a student can read my blog anyways? Sure!

Now, as I wrap this short post up before I run off to my physics lab, I would just like to say...