Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming 2011

What's going on everyone!

Well, this week was Homecoming Week.

Every day this week there was something going on. Ranging from free food, different colleges showing off their students, alumni connecting with current students, Mr. USU pageant (which I got to represent the College of Science at, and our MrFriends buddy Kaho Fiefia won!), huge dances, football games, etc. But, something that went down this year was quite different. Utah State went big... I'm talking worldwide big. Yeah, we beat a world record this homecoming weekend. On Friday night, Utah State set the world record for the longest kissing chain. Just around 1,450 people lined up on The Quad and kissed down the line. The original world record was only about 400 people. So, basically, we destroyed it! Kind of a funny world record to break, but with the tradition like becoming a "True Aggie" (for those who don't know about that, you have to kiss someone who is a true Aggie at midnight on our block "A" under a full moon), breaking this world record only seemed logical. After breaking the world record, we had a huge true Aggie night (see picture above from last year). We had hundreds of students become true Aggies as the night went on. It was mayhem! Lets hope there isn't a mono outbreak because of this...

The next day we had the Homecoming parade down main street and then the football game. Even though we lost the game, I left this homecoming week loving this university even more. Utah State has such deep tradition and school pride that it's almost impossible not to catch Aggie Pride. Utah State is surrounded by a supportive community that really came together this week to support the Aggies. I'm excited for the rest of this year. From athletics to classes, and involvement to mass-kissing traditions, Utah State is the best school in the nation. And I don't care what anyone says otherwise!

Utah State, hey! Aggies all the way!
Go, Aggies! Go, Aggies!

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