Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall...leaving so soon?

What do you know. It's only October 6th, and there is already snow up in the mountains. We had a thunderstorm come through the valley a few days ago, but today the temperature dropped and we got some snow in the mountains. Most people around Utah State's campus were furious at the site of this. However, for me, I was thrilled. I love snow! I love Winter! Although Fall is my favorite season, we don't get much of a Fall in Logan. Which is too bad, because Fall is when Logan Canyon turns into the most beautiful site in the world. If you haven't ever driven through Logan Canyon during the Fall, your life is not complete. Not even close. It's that amazing.

Okay, I was being a little intense right there. But you get my point.

I'm sad to see Fall leave so quickly, but it's all good. The end of Fall means that really awesome things are on the way. A few of these things are snowboarding, sledding down Old Main Hill, bracing the canyon winds as you walk to early-morning classes, watching people slip on campus, and the beginning of Aggie Basketball. I would love to talk about Aggie Basketball right now, but I'm going to wait. Can't get too excited about it yet. Even though the season starts in just about three weeks. WHAAAAAAAAT! Yeah, you heard me right. Three weeks. But, I'll compose myself until then. Hopefully.

Well, I'm out. PEACE!

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