Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Section F, Row 1, Seat 8... my home away from home.
Alright everyone... I can't keep it in anymore... it's finally here, the best time of the year. No, I'm not talking about December or the Holidays...I'm talking about


That's right! One of the greatest things at Utah State is finally in full swing.

Last Friday we had our first exhibition game. We played against UC San Diego for our team's first chance to play against another team. No one really knew how we would do because of us having so many new players on the team (and not to mention having six seniors graduate last year, which included the "WAC Player of the Year" Tai Wesley).

I knew that most of us were hopeful. From the looks of it, the coaches had recruited a lot of solid players with lots of individual talent. None of us, however, knew how they would play as a team.

As the game started and began to unfold, I was stunned at how well we played! Our new players, along with two seniors and returning red shirts, played much better than I thought they would for their first game. And with the Aggies winning with a score of 74-42...I was content.

To make this all better, the student section was insane. Usually for an exhibition game, only a few hundred students show up. However, this game we were only a few hundred short of being full! And to put this into perspective for anyone who hasn't been inside the Spectrum before... our student section is just about 4,000 students big. The entire Spectrum holds 10,270 people. So, for us to have around 3,700 students show up for the first game? It was awesome. It felt good to do our cheers again and show the new players on our team that we have their back from beginning to end. After reading some of the tweets from our new players, they are instantly in love with playing in the Spectrum and all agree that Utah State has the best student section in the nation! And I agree with that 100%.

It's going to be an interesting season. I just hope our team can do well and continue the dominance that is Aggie Basketball. We have a lot to live up to, I mean, we have been the WAC Champs four years in a row now...

Anyone ever heard of a five-peat?

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