Sunday, November 13, 2011


So last week was insane. Absolutely insane. Not only did I have two exams and two assignments to turn in... I did this while camping each night.

But, no, I wasn't camping out in the woods. I was camping on campus.

For real? Yes, for real.

Alright, let me explain. So, the first game of the season for our basketball team was against BYU. Last year we played the Y down in Provo and lost by 6 points in a crazy game that went down to the wire. The year before that, BYU came up to Logan and Utah State won by 10. That year, the line for the game was over a quarter mile long. Over 2,000 people ended up getting turned away because the student section in the Spectrum was full. Let's just say, it was intense.

Because of all of the problems with people cutting in line two years ago, which ended up with all those people who waited for hours in line getting turned away, the leaders of the HURD came up with an event to get everyone excited for the game and to keep things fair.

That event was called #OccupyTheSpectrum.

View of #OccupyTheSpectrum from on top of the Spectrum
So, on Tuesday of last week around 1:00pm, I pitched my tent with my good friend Jake Frisby. Yeah, that's 78 hours before tip-off. WHAT! Crazy, I know. But, by the next day, over 260 tents were pitched, and over 1,400 students were signed up to wait in line and camp out. It was absolute madness. There were tents as far as the eye could see stretched out across the HPER field. The hardcore Aggie fans literally took over campus.

And yes, it was definitely worth it.

The day of the game, everyone packed up their stuff and got in line. When 5:30pm rolled around, thousands of students packed into the Spectrum in a matter of minutes. When there was 30 seconds before the game started...this happened (watch the video, I'm in the grey hat on the front row).

Pretty epic, huh?

As for the rest of the game? Yeah, we won. Beat the Cougars 69-62. It was a way intense game that went back and forth. The Spectrum got incredibly loud. Loud enough that parents were covering their kid's ears, or plugging their ears themselves. Let's just say that my ears rang for a few days.

With this win, the Aggies now have a 32-game home win streak. The 3rd longest in the nation (only behind Duke and Kentucky). I'm incredibly stoked for the rest of this season. It's going to be interesting with all the new players, but I think we are going to be just fine.

Tomorrow we play down at Weber State in Ogden. Aggie fans are going to take over their arena, just like we do every time we play down there. We call this mass movement of Aggie fans "The Spectrum on Wheels." It's legit.

Well, time to get my homework done so I can travel to Ogden tomorrow to cheer on my Aggies.

Go, Aggies!

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