Monday, November 21, 2011

Student Section Mercenaries

Alright, we all know I'm a die-hard Aggie fan. Through and through. That's a given. And I do everything I do for Aggie athletics voluntarily. I don't get paid. Nope, not a dime. Shoot, I put my own money into my love for Aggie sports (gas money, t-shirts, whiteboards and markers, etc). And from all the time I've put into my Aggie obsession, I've seen how much more publicity Utah State and our athletics, including our amazing student section, has gotten. ESPN is always commenting on our home court advantage, naming us the "best home court advantage in the West." Not too shabby. Well, to tie into my main point of this entry... something happened for me as a Utah State fan. Something I wouldn't have ever expect.

Yeah, I got paid to be a fan. Strangely enough, I wasn't paid to be an Aggie fan. I got paid to be a College of Southern Idaho Golden Eagles fan.


Yeah, you heard me right. But, I'll give you the condensed version.

So, back in March during the 2011 WAC tournament (which Utah State won), a representative from CSI was at the tournament. He saw our huge crowd (a couple hundred students drove from Logan to Las Vegas to cheer on our Aggies), and basically asked some of us front-row-ers if we would be willing to come up to CSI and help out their student section. Well, we obviously accepted. And so this last weekend, I drove up to CSI in Twin Falls, ID with eleven of my friends to teach their students how to have a good crowd. What made this even better? They paid for everything. Gas, hotel, food, etc. It was awesome! Thing is, too, that CSI isn't bad at all at basketball. They were the national champions for Div-1 Junior College ball last year. Not too shabby.
The Aggie mercenaries at College of Southern Idaho
(plus the random CSI cheerleader in the bottom right)

So, to sum things up... my friends and I were mercenaries for Utah State athletics and represented our school and our student section to the fullest. Ever heard of a school hiring other students to cheer for them? Well, now you have.

Go Aggies! (And go Golden Eagles, too, haha!)

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