Friday, December 2, 2011


Man... feels like it's been a while since I've posted. Actually, it kind of have. And there's so much to write about! But, I'll contain myself.

Today starts one of the greatest times of the year! 31 days of it, actually. I'm talking about December. Yeah, the month. It's my favorite! I love the snow, cold nights, Christmas, and just the overall feeling of the month. It's a time when people are generally happier... at least I am.

Well, there's only two more weeks of classes. At first I thought this semester would never end, but now it feels like it's ending too soon. That's what a semester full of geology, microbiology, physics and ecology will do to you. It's been a rough semester, but it's been a great one at the same time. Just time for me to go into beastmode and finish this semester strong. Get my assignments in, ace my tests, and be able to enjoy the holidays.

One awesome thing to mention real quick... The Aggie Football team is going bowling! First time since 1997! It's been a long road... but we've finally made it. Coach Anderson has done some great things with this team. It's been a season full of up's and down's. But, we now are 6-5 on the season with one game left against New Mexico State. Regardless of the outcome of that game, we're going to be playing in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on December 17th. You better believe that hundreds of students, including myself, will be attending. And tickets are only $18! Can't wait to road trip up to Boise to cheer on my Aggies to a bowl victory.

Go Aggies!

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