Thursday, January 19, 2012

We must build the ARC!

Okay, you're probably looking at this title, thinking to yourself, "What the heck...?" But, let me explain.

Utah State, at this moment, is in the workings to build two monumental projects right in the middle of campus. The first is the Aggie Legacy Fields. These will be new, awesome, turf fields placed right where the HPER fields currently are. Here's what they will look like.

Pretty sweet, huh? If all goes as planned, these fields will start to be constructed here in the next two months and be completed by the fall. I'm stoked! Some students are a little bugged that when the fields are finished, there will be a $30 increase in students fees to help pay. But, really, in my opinion, $30 is nothing compared to how much the students will benefit from these fields.

The second project, which won't be started for another few years, is called the Aggie Recreation Center (the ARC! See I told you I would explain).  The plan is to build a gigantic, new student recreation center on the corner of Aggie Bull-evard and 8th East, right next to the new Legacy Fields. Here's what it will look like.

And yes, that is a rock climbing wall on the outside of the building (there will be one inside, too). This new center will have everything! Basketball courts, swimming pools, weight rooms, cycling rooms, yoga rooms, game rooms, a new cafe, etc, etc, etc. Seriously, this place would make Utah State's campus just that much better. When this building is open in 2015, the increased student fee that was $30 will move up to $75. Again, in my opinion, this is very minor compared to what students, and future Aggies, will benefit from this new building. Oh, and remember, I said it was for students. Yup, students only. An amazing building and new fields paid for by students, for students. Okay, the administration is paying about half of the costs, along with generous donations from people with big pockets, but really, it's only for students.

If any current USU student is reading this blog, I would seriously encourage you, and everyone you know, to vote yes (bold, underlined, and italicized... for added emphasis) on the new students fees to cover these new additions to our campus.

Sorry, had to put in a plug for the voting haha. But, really, I'm really excited for these new projects. I hope the students pass the fees to get the ball rolling. The Legacy Fields and ARC would make Utah State's campus, and just USU as a whole, that much better.

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