Monday, February 6, 2012

#aggielife + #beastmode = #aggiemode

Hey everyone. Alright, first off, sorry about the title. I, myself, am fully against using hashtags in anything but Twitter. However, my title is an exact tweet I had a while back during finals week. It described my life perfectly. Let me explain.

#aggielife - anything that has to do with Utah State and the lives that we as Aggies live.

#beastmode - this has many meanings, but it basically means that you reach a level beyond human capacity. Whether that's in sports, school, etc.

#aggiemode - this is me during finals week or any time of intense academic performance.

Well, last week, I was in #aggiemode from Sunday night til Friday evening. The entire week. It felt like finals week, but it was only my first week of exams. It was madness. And it's the reason why I didn't blog at all last week. (My apologies)

Here's how the week went down. Sunday night I had to read for my Genetics class. Monday I had class from 9:30am - 2:20pm, then had to finish revising my resume for English. Then that night, I realized I had to get started on my 5-page essay for my English class. So, what did I do? I wrote my entire 5-page essay that night. Don't worry, it was only a first draft. Then, after that, I read for Genetics.  Then Tuesday rolled around. I had class, had to finish a Physics assignment, and then cram for my Physics exam which was the next day. Not much sleep happened that night. Wednesday came. I took my Physics exam and went to the rest of my classes (which go til 6:30pm on Wednesday's). After that, I had things going on with my fraternity until about 10:00pm. After that, I went straight home and crammed for my Genetics exam which was the next morning at 9:30am. Yeah, not fun, haha! But, I studied hard (crammed hard?) and ended up getting a 92%. So that was cool. Then that night, I crammed as much as I could for my Biochemistry exam I had on Friday afternoon at 1:30pm. Friday rolled around, I woke up early, went to the library and studied amino acids, nucleic acids, equilibrium constants, and more for a few hours before my exam.  Took the test and then I was free for the weekend!


I ended up having to leave my friends on Friday night and finish a Genetics assignment and turn in my essay for English online. Once that was all done. I was free.

For the weekend, I spent most of my time down in Salt Lake City for my best friend's wedding. I was a best man at the wedding. It was awesome.  The weekend before, we all went paintballing for part of his bachelor party. Good times were had by all. That's me with the thumbs on, on the right.

Nothing proves friendship quite like shooting each other
...and then leaving with welts for souvenirs...

All-in-all, it was a crazy week and weekend. But totally worth it. Nothing feels better than accomplishing a lot. Even if it stresses you out to your breaking point. But, once you see those good test scores come in, it makes it all worth it. I pray I don't have any more weeks like this until finals week, but if it happens... I'll tackle that challenge when it comes... in #aggiemode and all its glory.

By the way, right at the end of writing this, I felt like kicking someone in the chest into a bottomless pit like in the movie "300" and yelling "THIS IS UTAH STATE!"

But, I'm in the library. So I didn't.

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