Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Well, here I am, sitting in the library on campus. Back to another week of school after a week off for spring break. I miss it already! Although it feels good to be back on campus and being productive, I sure do miss the warm weather down in Mesquite, NV.

This year for spring break I spent the entire week at my friend Jake Frisby's house in Beaver Dam, AZ (about 10 miles outside of Mesquite). We spent every day BBQing, eating tons of junk food, watching college basketball, gambling, and shooting shotguns. For me, this was a perfect way to spend spring break.

In years past, I've had some bigger adventures for spring break. My freshman year I went on a roadtrip with seven of my friends from Logan to Las Vegas to Huntington Beach to San Diego to Zions National Park and back to Logan. I slept on a bed once the entire trip! For the most part, we would buy one hotel room and cram eight of us in the room. I had a blast on that trip, but I think my back was a bit angry with me by the end.  My sophomore year I spend my spring break down in Las Vegas for the WAC basketball tournament. Most of my time was spent yelling my brains out during our basketball games. And to cap it off, we got to storm the court at The Orleans Arena when we won the championship game. Well, to also cap it off, I did win an Android phone for winning a dance competition during a time out. I guess that was pretty sweet, too.

For this year though, it was all about relaxing. With school being so stressful and time-consuming, I didn't want to spend my spring break going from place to place and being stressed from traveling. The most "intense" part of the trip was going spotlight jackrabbit hunting in the middle of the night. I've never hunted before, but this was a blast. Standing in the back of a moving truck with a rifle, shooting at jackrabbits and beer bottles. It was a great time.

Another first-time thing for me this trip was shotgun shooting. We spent two days shooting clay pigeons over a cliff in the Arizona desert. It was awesome! And it turns out I'm actually not too bad at shooting shotguns.

Red shorts and shotguns.

One thing that didn't go so hot for me this trip? Gambling. Our first night in Mesquite we played at a $3 blackjack table. I ended up breaking even the first night, but the next two nights I lost $20 a night at the exact same table. Ending up forty bucks down at the end of the trip didn't make me too happy, but it was fun to play cards with my friends and meet new people.

Overall, the trip was pretty good. Felt great to get away for a while. I'm not used to being on campus just yet, but I'll be okay. Let's hope.

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