Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Waiting for Spring Break

Hey everyone!

Alright, this is one of the hardest weeks of school by far. Next week is Spring Break, and all I can think about it no classes for an entire week! Everyone on campus is talking about where they're going and what they'll be doing for the break. Does this make paying attention in class and studying for an exam difficult? Very.

Luckily, this week isn't too packed for me. Okay, actually, it kind of is. I've already completed a Physics assignment, had a physics quiz, also a biochemistry quiz. I need to complete two biochemistry lab reports, then do a biochemistry lab on Thursday. Also, to top it all off, I have a genetics exam on Thursday morning. What a joy! But... if I just busy through this week and fight through the pain... I can relax all of next week.

Speaking of next week... it's going to be fun. Next week I'll be traveling down to St. George, Utah; Mesquite, Nevada; and Las Vegas! I'll be traveling with four of my good friends that are in my fraternity: Max Parker Dahl, Jake Frisby, Brian Isom, and Ben Wilson. Basically the entire week will be filled with BBQ'ing, coyote hunting, gambling in Vegas/Mesquite, and watching some March Madness.

That's Kyisean Reed. The dude is a BEAST!

Before I talk about March Madness... just take a look at that picture of Kyisean Reed on senior night. Get out of his way! He had too many awesome dunks to count this season in the Spectrum. I expect him to throw down some monster jams in the WAC tournament.

The men's basketball team won both their last two road games to finish off the season! We won at San Jose State and won a clutch 61-60 victory at Hawaii. It's not easy to win at Hawaii, let alone on their senior night. We ended the regular season at 17-14 (8-6 in the WAC). This puts us as the 4 seed in the WAC tournament coming up later this week. It kills me that I won't be there. Sigh... I just hope that we can make a good run in the tournament. We play La Tech for our first game. If we win the tournament (like we did last year), we'll punch our ticket to the NCAA tournament! The big dance! But, there are some great teams in the WAC this year. Nevada and New Mexico State are the powerhouses (fitting, they're our rivals). Also, Idaho has been great, too. So, really, this tournament is anyone's for the taking. After the WAC tournament, it's then all about March Madness. I know I'll blog about that later.

Another awesome thing to note... our women's basketball team this year has been amazing! They finished the regular season at 20-8 (11-3 in the WAC). It is the best record our women have ever had (with the 20 wins)! They basically killed it all season. They're a 2 seed in the tournament and will play Nevada. I believe our girls can win the tournament!

Well, I guess it's time for me to get some sleep so I can get all my work done tomorrow. Only a few more days until I'm enjoying the 75 degree weather down south.

Until next time!

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