Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crazy Busy

Hey everyone! Man, what a crazy week it's been. There's been so much going on on campus. I'll try and keep it short and sweet for you. Hey, I'll even put it in numerical order.

1) Last Wednesday, our basketball team played its final home game of the year. I know I wrote a blog about our last home game a few weeks back... but that was only for the regular season. Last Wednesday, the Aggies played in the championship game of the CIT post-season tournament. The Aggies were able to play a few more games this year because of this tournament. It was awesome to see our team get a few more wins and make a run in the post season. Sadly, however, we lost in the championship game of the CIT here in the Spectrum. We lost to Mercer University, 70-67. That game was nuts. The Spectrum got crazy! One of the loudest nights I've ever heard in the Spectrum. No kidding. Even though we loss, we ended the season at 21-16. I could go into and elaborate on this entire season, but that would take me forever. So, instead, I will just smile at this season and look forward to next season.

Oh, and to show you some of the madness from last Wednesday's game... here's Kyisean Reed. Three dunks on three straight possessions. The man is a monster.

2) A-Day was two Friday's ago. It was awesome to be a group leader and be able to show a group of high school seniors what it's like to be a student at Utah State. These students got to go to a mock lecture, visit with advisors, have lunch on campus, have a tour of campus, and get a feel for Utah State in a more personal way. Around lunch time, I was able to be a presenter (along with the other MyFriends) for the "Living in Logan" portion of the day. Us MyFriends got to talk on stage to all the students attending A-Day about what it's like to attend USU and live in Logan. It was awesome! And if you couldn't guess already... I spoke on Aggie Athletics. It was great at the end when we got to have all the students and parents do the Scotsman. Although they really didn't get what they were doing at first, they loved it by the end. And I'm sure when they get to go to USU, they'll be even more excited.

3) Exams. Blah! So many exams. Just barely this last Friday I had a Biochemistry exam. Let's just say that cramming for that exam was a joy! (Sarcasm) But, I ended up getting a good score. So, I'm happy about it. I'm just sure my stress levels weren't so stoked. However, with a good score... all is well.

So, although my blog doesn't accurately show how crazy the last few weeks have been (since I left out so much), it really has been crazy. But, when I think about it, that's what makes college so awesome. You're never bored. You're always doing something and staying engaged. And for that, I thank you Utah State.

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