Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two weeks / Red Bull Chariot Race

Man... it's crazy to think that this semester will be over in two weeks! This semester has gone by really quickly, but at the same time, it feels like it's been going on for forever. But, I think that's just my brain meshing the entire year into one big semester. Yeah, I think that's it.

This week is "dead week." The week before finals week. This is the week where studying becomes your life. You go to class, eat, study, nap, study, sleep, study, shower, study, study, study, study. That's pretty much it. Somewhere in there you blink your eyes. But only sometimes.

And then of course the next week is finals week. YEAH!!! (sarcasm). I guess finals week isn't so bad. You go into beastmode for a few days and then you're done! I guess I can handle that.

I'm pretty excited for the summer. I've got a few classes to take, two jobs to work, and many adventures to be had. I just have to wait two more weeks. I can make it, right?

Well, last week was A-Week. An entire week dedicated to Utah State, service, and fun. There were events all week, but my favorite was the Red Bull Chariot Race. I'll keep the description short... but, basically how it went down was this: USU students in teams built chariots to race each other. The winning team of the event won a trip to Dallas, TX to attend a huge Red Bull event. Pretty sweet, huh? I participated in this event last year. It was a blast! My fraternity (SigEp, the ones pulling a drift trike) competed this year as well and took third place (had to throw in that plug, haha). Check out the video of this year's event!

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